Global Grow Alliance ("GGA") is a modern business intelligence company for professionals in the rapidly evolving legal cannabis industry. We aim to build a market-leading company by 2025 through organic development and strategic investment backed by private equity. We are designed to inform, educate, and expand a community that facilitates finance and commerce. 


Market Opportunity


 Until recently, all states had laws prohibiting cannabis. Unprecedented change in cannabis legalization marks a massive opportunity for commercial companies. 


 By 2033, the US spend on legal cannabis industry is forecast to reach $75B, according to Cowen. Established players in North America will be best positioned to expand to Europe. 


Fraught with threats, the current environment increases pressure across sectors, driving the need for improved sophistication in the cannabis industry discipline. 


 The C-Suite and board members have a growing demand for information resources, training, professional networking, and the exchange of best practices. 


 Growth in cannabis industry jobs outpaced both technology and healthcare in 2017, growing at 445% and creating a need for traditional and advanced marketing services.


A fragmented marketplace of cannabis industry media, events and marketing service businesses - with few established counterparts - invites competition from a middle-market challenger. 


Our Mission

Global Grow Alliance is a mission-aligned company. To us that means supporting medical cannabis industry research, farm production, food safety and several areas of health care, including health information management and nutrition. A percentage of profits will be invested in national and international partners who create positive changes and advocate for the cannabis industry’s long-term growth. 

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Launch, acquire and partner

Unify and build leading brands

Unify and build leading brands


 Enable content and marketing services, subscription-based research, data and other business intelligence resources. 

Unify and build leading brands

Unify and build leading brands

Unify and build leading brands


 Align with best of breed companies across categories to benefit from consolidated audiences, sponsors and intelligence. 

A collaborative leadership team

Unify and build leading brands

A collaborative leadership team


   Assemble entrepreneurs, operators and investors with a track record of launching, acquiring, integrating, scaling and selling successful businesses. 

Investment Criteria

  Growth-oriented and profitable information, event, digital marketing services and other specialized professional intelligence resources

   Leading brands with high-quality services, respected by their customers and rewarded with high renewal rates 

  ✔ Businesses with a differentiated product or service, including those that require operating investment to unlock high-growth potential 

  ✔ Experienced innovative leadership with strong experience and passion for the legal cannabis industry

Organizations seeking an operating or investment partner to enable a transitional or staged exit strategy

About Us


Flexible Structure

Flexible Structure

Flexible Structure

 We seek transaction and partnership structures that are mutually beneficial. 


Highly Experienced

Flexible Structure

Flexible Structure

 We are highly experienced in business transactions and partnerships. 



Flexible Structure


Our leadership is fair-minded and operates confidentially and decisively.